medical equipment for youth athletic first aid

medical equipment for youth athletic first aid

  • Helping Reluctant Seniors See And Hear Better

    Do you work with seniors or perhaps have a family member who is reluctant to wear their eyeglasses or hearing aids? Here are some tips for helping those people feel more inclined to use them, as not being able to see or hear properly can have consequences ranging from nuisance level to the fatal. The Importance of Wearing Eyeglasses and Hearing Aids If you think a senior not wearing their eyeglasses or hearing aids is just a little problem, try this experiment.

  • Help Your Parents Use Their New Lift Chair Safely With These Tips

    When you were growing up, your parents did all they could to keep you safe. And now, as they enter their twilight years and aren't as mobile as they used to be, it's your turn to repay the favor. It can be a significant adjustment for your parents to start using a lift chair in their home, and they might even feel a little overwhelmed with the best way to use the chair that helps people move from a seated to standing position with ease.

  • Don't Settle For Boring: 4 Ways To Customize Your Wheelchair

    Just because you use an electric wheelchair doesn't mean you can't trick it out a bit. You're young, and your wheelchair should show it. Don't settle for the same old wheelchair that everyone else uses. Take a look at the cool ways to show off your own unique personality. Hit the Town Shopping You have shopping to do. No need to settle on just a few things that you can carry when you have a mobile bag that attaches to the back of your wheelchair.

  • 2 Tips For Making It Easier to Communicate When You Are Coping with Hearing Loss

    If you have recently started to have trouble understanding what others are saying to you, you may wonder if you are losing your hearing. Until you are able to have your condition diagnosed, use the following tips to make it easier to communicate. Reduce or Eliminate Background Noises While Speaking with Others As your hearing fades, your ears have trouble differentiating between noises. If you are trying to talk to someone while a radio or television is on, you may have difficulty hearing the conversation because your ears only detect multiple noises that become a jumbled up mess.

  • Answering Two Of Your Knee Walker Questions

    There can be many different reasons why a person has developed mobility issues. Fortunately, these conditions often only impact one leg, but many people assume that this will make it difficult to find equipment to help them get around. However, this is precisely the type of injury or condition that a knee walker was designed to address. Yet, these are devices that many people have never needed to use, and if this is your first time needing this type of mobility aid, there are likely some questions that you are wanting addressed.

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medical equipment for youth athletic first aid

As the coach of a youth soccer team, I do all that I can to prepare for the worst case scenarios. Unfortunately, accidents and injuries happen during games and practice more often than anyone would like. Because of this, I make sure to have a complete stash of medical equipment and supplies. I have everything from simple bandages and ointments to treat cuts to braces to help keep injured players comfortable during transport to the hospital. To get an idea of what all is needed in a first aid kit for a child's sports team, visit my website. There, you will find a full list of the medical equipment I keep on hand and how to use each item included.