medical equipment for youth athletic first aid

medical equipment for youth athletic first aid

Tips For Planning A Vacation With Your Handicapped Loved One

by Walter Fox

Planning a vacation is exciting and filled with anticipation, even more so if you are planning one for you and your whole family. However, if you are planning to also bring along someone who is handicapped, learning more about how to include handicapped accommodations into your vacation plans is important. Check out these tips for helping you make sure your whole crew has a great time on vacation.

Important Things To Remember When Booking Flights

If your vacation destination is overseas or across the country, you may need to book air travel. When making airline plans, be sure to tell the airline you need handicapped accommodations, especially if that person is bound to a wheelchair. If your handicapped person has special needs, alerting the airline ahead of time about them is important. Some special needs might include:

  • Dependence on a service animal

  • A need for on-board medical oxygen

  • If a handicapped person requires a ventilator or respirator

By alerting airline professionals ahead of time, your family and your handicapped person can enjoy a smooth flight.

Calling Ahead For Hotel Accommodations

If your handicapped person is in a wheelchair, making sure the hotel you make reservations at is handicapped accessible is important for the comfort of your friend or loved one. If your handicapped person requires help getting in and out the tub, be sure to ask for equipment like shower seats. Find out if the hotel has special rails in the bathrooms for a handicapped person to hold onto while getting in and out the shower. A hotel that is ready for handicapped people will be able to give you a list of vital equipment for helping to make your handicapped person's stay as comfortable as possible.

Planning Special Vacation Activities

When planning vacation activities, you might wonder what would be the best ones for someone who is handicapped. Many theme parks are handicapped accessible. If you need to rent a car to reach theme parks from your destination, you can also rent cars specially ready for disabled and handicapped people. Check online about the kinds of activities happening in your vacation destination that are specifically tailored for handicapped people as well.

By taking your time to plan ahead and to learn about the special activities available for handicapped people on vacation, you and your whole crew can have one the best vacations ever. The key to most successful vacation is planning ahead, especially when you have someone along in a wheelchair.

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medical equipment for youth athletic first aid

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