medical equipment for youth athletic first aid

medical equipment for youth athletic first aid

Help Your Parents Use Their New Lift Chair Safely With These Tips

by Walter Fox

When you were growing up, your parents did all they could to keep you safe. And now, as they enter their twilight years and aren't as mobile as they used to be, it's your turn to repay the favor. It can be a significant adjustment for your parents to start using a lift chair in their home, and they might even feel a little overwhelmed with the best way to use the chair that helps people move from a seated to standing position with ease. Visit your folks when the lift chair is delivered and guide them through its use with safety in mind. Here are some specific areas on which to focus.

Getting In Carefully

The lifting mechanism in a lift chair isn't conducive to having someone drop his or her full body weight into the chair rapidly. Encourage your parents to practice slowly lowering their bodies into the chair. Demonstrate how to back up the chair when it's in its tipped-forward position, grab the handles for support and simply back up until the seat of your pants touches the seat of the chair. One of the chief benefits of a lift chair is that those who lack mobility can descend into the chair slowly and steadily, so make sure you parents understand the ease of doing so.

Unplug Before Reaching

It's second nature to reach between the cushions of a seat to retrieve a piece of food, a TV remote control or some pocket change, but to perform this type of movement safely, you must first unplug the lift chair to prevent accidentally pinching yourself. Remind your parents that unplugging the chair doesn't necessarily require them to get up and unplug the chair at the wall. Many lift chairs have a quick-release feature that allows you to unplug the hand control unit from the chair itself while leaving the cord plugged into the wall. Once unplugged, the user can reach between the cushions, retrieve what's needed and then plug the chair back in.

Safety For Others

Remind your elderly parents that they must be vigilant about the safety of those who visit their home. Lift chairs might seem intriguing to children, but they're not an amusement park ride. Suggest that your parents should unplug the chair's hand control unit and keep it out of reach, especially when young children are visiting. Likewise, children shouldn't be allowed to play around the chair's pinch points when the chair is plugged in. Contact a provider like Corner Medical for more information.


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medical equipment for youth athletic first aid

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