medical equipment for youth athletic first aid

medical equipment for youth athletic first aid

Don't Settle For Boring: 4 Ways To Customize Your Wheelchair

by Walter Fox

Just because you use an electric wheelchair doesn't mean you can't trick it out a bit. You're young, and your wheelchair should show it. Don't settle for the same old wheelchair that everyone else uses. Take a look at the cool ways to show off your own unique personality.

Hit the Town Shopping

You have shopping to do. No need to settle on just a few things that you can carry when you have a mobile bag that attaches to the back of your wheelchair. There's enough room in this giant bag to carry your things.

Light Up the Night

When it's time to head out at night, you want to be visible to those around you. Not only is it fun to add lights to your chair, it's safer for you. Don't settle for boring safety lights. Here are a couple amazing ways to light up the night:

Light-Up Caster Wheels

Those caster wheels that are on your chair don't have to be a boring grey or black. Add fun to your chair by having light-up caster wheels installed. You'll stand out in the crowd, and you'll be visible in the darkness.

Spoke Lights

Customize your spokes with computerized LED spoke lights. You can install as many as six spoke lights on each wheel. You can choose between pre-programmed light effects, or you can program them to display a custom message.

Customize the Wheels

You've probably seen the custom aluminum wheels that people put on their cars. Now you can customize the wheels on your chair. The wheels are made out of lightweight aluminum, which means you won't have to worry about adding extra weight to your chair. Don't settle for the same wheels that everyone else has. Show your sense of style and go custom.

Take a Chance on the Weather

When you're confined to a wheelchair, inclement weather can make it difficult to get out and enjoy life. Things like rain and snow can make it miserable to be outdoors. Now you can have a weather canopy installed on your wheelchair. That means you can go outside in the rain and not get wet. Canopies are available in all sizes, so you'll find one that fits your chair, perfectly.

Take advantage of all the stylish accessories that are available for your chair. Whether you're young, or just young-at-heart, you'll find the accessories that will set your wheelchair apart from all the rest. Talk to a company like Jay Hatfield Mobility to learn about more ways to accessorize your wheelchair.


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medical equipment for youth athletic first aid

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