medical equipment for youth athletic first aid

medical equipment for youth athletic first aid

2 Tips For Making It Easier to Communicate When You Are Coping with Hearing Loss

by Walter Fox

If you have recently started to have trouble understanding what others are saying to you, you may wonder if you are losing your hearing. Until you are able to have your condition diagnosed, use the following tips to make it easier to communicate.

Reduce or Eliminate Background Noises While Speaking with Others

As your hearing fades, your ears have trouble differentiating between noises. If you are trying to talk to someone while a radio or television is on, you may have difficulty hearing the conversation because your ears only detect multiple noises that become a jumbled up mess. As a result, your brain cannot separate the sounds.

While you are speaking with someone, turn off any radios or television sets. This will give your ears a chance to focus on one sound at a time.

Sometimes background noises are unavoidable, especially when you are out shopping or eating at a restaurant. If you cannot avoid these types of background noises, ask the person you are speaking with to stand as close as comfort allows. This will make their voice louder than the others.

If you still cannot hear them, you may need to move to a quieter location, especially if the conversation is important. You could also combine this tip with the tip discussed below.

Ask Others to Face You while They Are Talking to You

Along with getting rid of background noises, ask the person with whom you are speaking to face you directly. This allows for a straighter path for the sounds waves coming from their mouth, making them easier to make their way to your ear canal. When a person is facing sideways or away from you, the sound waves can become misdirected and muffled.

Having the person face you also gives you the opportunity to try to read their lips as they speak. If you are unsure about whether you would feel comfortable staring at their mouth, explain to them you have trouble hearing them and need to be able to see their lips. If someone knows ahead of time, they may feel more comfortable speaking with you.

Following the above tips should help make it easier for you to communicate with others. However, if you notice that your hearing is starting to worsen, you may want to schedule a hearing screening with your doctor, one like Pacific Hearing Care, so they can diagnose the cause and possibly recommend the appropriate hearing, including a prescription for hearing aids.


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medical equipment for youth athletic first aid

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